Updates from the Operating Theatre…

2019 07 09


Games-related content may be broken/inaccessible in the near future as I restructure the way this site sprawls out into various hubs. No clue when it will be done, but it's gonna look dope. Look out for it!

2019 06 25


Wayne Static adorns the cover of this issue of Kerrang! magazine. Static-X are sick of nu metal, and are about to unleash their second album Machine. We'll also check in on Crazy Town, and see what Jonathan Davis and Clive Barker are cooking up.

2019 06 25


Limp Bizkit are about to release Significant Other, and Fred Durst takes the cover of this issue of Kerrang! magazine to promote it. Also featuring behind the scenes antics with Coal Chamber, and a battle between Kid Rock and Eminem.

2019 05 31


Review number two, for Yakuza 2. A goofy, gritty, beautiful entry in the Yakuza series and one of my favourite games of all time.

2019 05 30


The first game review is up, and it's for murder mystery-turned-batshit supernatural adventure Fahrenheit. Those across the pond may know this one as Indigo Prophecy instead.

2019 05 19


In an attempt to divert my energy from Twitter, I've (re-)launched my personal diary. This is a section that may even see regular updates! Imagine that!

2019 05 08


Marking the launch of the Yakuza hub, for my favourite game series! No rhymes or alliteration for this section name. Shameful, I know.

2019 05 05


A new playlist has been added -- this one's called Arcade. Punchy music that makes me think of warehouses full of broken arcade machines.

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