>> KERRANG! — 21st SEPTEMBER 1996 <<

So, here it is. My first mag upload. I want to document the magazines I have and my favourite snippets from each of them, as opposed to just scanning the lot.

If you want a HQ version of a scan, please e-mail me with the magazine issue date and what you want a copy of. I do have a scanner, but we can't be filling this site with 7MB+ images, can we?

SKUNK ANANSIE take the cover of this issue. This would have been to hype up their upcoming single, 'All I Want', from Stoosh.

They had a specific promo advert for it too.

I will admit, I've not listened to Stoosh all the way through. I should get round to that. I did really like their debut album, Paranoid and Sunburnt.

There was another promo I really liked. This one's for PLACEBO's 'Teenage Angst'.

I remember posting this scan to Tumblr a while back and it gained a lot of traction with the 'minimalist' blogging community. Maybe people who like to post pictures of plain walls and white bedsheets really like Placebo too. Who am I to judge?

An... interesting tagline. This shot was taken when NINE INCH NAILS performed on September 5th, 1996, at Irving Plaza, New York. MARILYN MANSON was the opening act (hence why Zim Zum makes a guest appearance in this photo).

Near the end of the mag, we are treated to an interview with KORN frontman Jonathan Davis. This was in promotion of Korn's upcoming single, 'No Place to Hide' off Life is Peachy.

I think that about ties it up for this one. I might come back and add more pictures to this one in the future!